One-stop Smart Office Solutions in Hong Kong

Work Place

Fully utilize your workspace with Fwone system, an innovative smart workplace management tool that helps you easily locate and manage your people and space.


Locating people is the most common feature used in an activity-based work environment. Our system helps you locate people using multiple methods, for example by the different network access points that people get online, by the motion sensors or even by the lighting network.


Search for a space based on your requirements, our system will find, book and control the room for you.
he “Room Booking” tab can incorporate the booking of other resources such as car spaces or event venues, so that property management companies or concierge can easily manage client floors.


An interactive map can tie many user experiences together.

  1. Show room availability of the whole floor at a single glance
  2. Allow control of rooms and open spaces
  3. Arrange ad hoc bookings
  4. Display desk availability
  5. Indicate information relevant to your location.


Our system will automatically turn on the light or other connected facilities at the pre-set time as you need the spaces. Room control interface is available on all devices or via the smart workplace app.

  • Big data analysis for
    business prediction or marketing
  • Attendance
  • Payroll Automation
  • Rostering
  • Recruitment Management
  • Tax Submission
  • Reunbursement Submission
  • Leave Application
  • MPF Management

Affordable office automation system saves money, enhances efficiency

Reduce Time Cost

Staff no longer have to spend their time working on approval forms, expenditure receipts, filing etc. They can spend more time focusing on business prospects.

Go Paperless

Traditional paper-based forms should be eliminated. It saves money, work space, and supports sustainability.

Enhance Efficiency

All the data are digitized, so that you can easily search, review, transfer and edit data with just clicks and keyboards in minutes.


Safeguard your data by using our bcrypt-based function on point-to-point data transmission with 256-bit encryption and SHA-512 encryption data storage. Fwone OAPortal has installed a Web Application Firewall (WAF) to prevent hacking, so you will have a peace of mind.