Reliable IT Outsourcing Service – Most Critical to Your Business

No matter you are in retail, industrial, ICT, energy, trading or any other sector, your IT infrastructure and support are most critical. Can you imagine when your company email / homepage / e-shop / procurement / ordering… systems go down for half a day? Your business may be ruined in a minute.

You may think international corporations would tend to maintain their own IT support team, but the fact is, as the division of labour prevails globally, large enterprises are finding IT outsourcing company as an extension arm of their internal department. To save cost, some companies would even look for IT consulting services or IT consultants on project basis, offering flexibility and cost effectiveness to their businesses.

Most SMEs in Hong Kong do not have dedicated resources on IT, outsourcing becomes a common option. Finding the right IT service provider can help you maximise your profit with minimal trouble, whereas an unreliable IT partner could cause disastrous failure. An all-round assessment on the IT service company, such as scope of support, experience, global and local presence, customization options etc, are some of the elements that must be taken into consideration.

Fwone is the ONE

Through 17 years of hard work and dedication, Fwone has developed a broad range of IT support services, and grown from a local sales network to serving clients across the Greater China and Asian region today, covering Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and 60 other sites. In addition, we have strategic partners who can meet your specific needs in Japan and Indonesia.

The extent of our services encompass IT consulting, data management, technical support and more. We are equipped with expertise and the latest knowledge in system analytics / deployment, smart office, interface design, network security management, cloud solutions, etc., enabling us to address your every single requirement.

If your business is looking to enhance efficiency, save cost, gain market insights, strengthen customer experience, or even transform your business model, Fwone is your most trusted partner. Embrace the future opportunity today, contact us now!

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